In different parts of the country, e-mail, text, phone and frequent flyer miles make it possible to pull it off. So, without further ado, meet the dedicated team behind

Hillary Rosenberg- went from being a faithful client to my personal assistant; recipe tester

Jolena C.- redneck and fluent in Miss'sippi country (her words not mine); faithfully watched my cooking segments and secretly sought others doing the same; strong-armed me in allowing her to form an "official on-line community" (inching upwards of 72k...YAY!)

Alice M.- true Southern goddess; mother of Hillary M.; recipe tester

Hillary M.- cooking convert; daughter of Alice M.; recipe tester

Jack and John- couple of attentive, well-dressed, caring men; recipe testers

Sister Eddie Mae- Baptist not a nun; widow; grower of beautiful roses; never meets a stranger; recipe tester

Mrs. Betty Sue- Southern grandmother; giver of soft hugs; recipe tester

Sharky- works at the bakery; runs errands; keeps up with inventory; washes dishes; and makes sure there's a never-ending supply of white towels

My sister- wordsmith; consummate hostess; occasional recipe tester (to ensure even a novice can duplicate)

Oh, and I develop the recipes and tackle food styling and photography and all the other stuff.