Game Day Catering

The Super Bowl isn't just about watching two groups of guys in tight uniforms showing off their athletic prowess by running up and down a field. It's more than punts, end zones and field goals.

Then, there's always pizza. And who doesn't enjoy slices of crispy dough that's been slathered with perfectly seasoned tomato sauce and loaded with Kalamata olives, Italian beef sausage, thin slices of capicola and a copious amount of mozzarella cheese that's been freshly grated to melt through and through?

We always make extra. So, after we've taken care of our clients, the team and I kick our shoes off, break bread together and catch the last of the game.

It's okay. When the images are no longer enough, give us call.


 Onion Rings, Creole Rice Balls, T-N-T Wings, Pass Interference Rolls, Italian Lover's Pizza