Hire Elle

On-air Personality

What was intended as a one-time appearance has been anything but...

Standing alongside Alex Coleman and Marybeth Conley, they were captivated by her warm smile, bubbly personality and simple approach to food.

"Our viewers can't get enough of Elle. They love her. We get so many calls and emails when she's on. I can't tell you how much time I spend trying to respond to each person and it only increases as more people try the recipes." -Jennifer Cates Dalsky, Producer (CBS Affiliate)

Cooking Instructor

"After seeing some of her on-air appearances, I'd love to have her (Elle)..."

"Looking at the class evaluations, we're happy to have her teach." -Bri Rogers, Whole Foods Salud!

Recipe Developer

More than just a trusted, local authority, Chef Elle's work has been featured in SHAPE, SELF Magazine, and others. She also coaches new culinary business owners and develops recipes and writes for TODAY Show Food Club, eHow (Demand Media) and ghost develops for cookbook authors and food writers, resulting in delicious and visually stunning dishes.

Private Chef & Catered Events

Because we only do off-site events, we've mastered the pop-up kitchen. Be it a private chef, professional caterer, recipe developer or cooking classes, when you're really ready, e-mail Hillary at hillary@chefellegreen.com.

*All Others

*For all others, including nonprofits, let us know what you have in mind. Start the conversation with Hillary at hillary@chefellegreen.com.



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