Meet Elle

  1. I'm a Southern girl.
  2. Oh, I do enjoy cold pizza.
  3. My favorite color is actually green.
  4. The camera really does add an extra ten pounds.
  5. I was totally obsessed with Elvis. Yes, that one!
  6. Cheesecake is never too far away and homemade ice cream is ALWAYS in my freezer.
  7. I finally divorced (the hair relaxer) in 2012.
  8. Apple is my absolute favorite fruit.
  9. I haven't found a burger that comes close to my grandmother's.
  10. I am a professional chef by choice, trade and passion.
  11. I've had some of the BEST FOOD and SERVICE from the little hole in the walls.
  12. #7 has nothing to do with #5. I exercise 5 days a week.
  13. My mother's lemonade is my drink of choice.
  14. I have a small, organic farm and operate a CSA.
  15. The best part of traveling is exploring and connecting with the makers.
  16. '66 Ford Mustang is still my dream car.