Cooking Class

A few years ago, long before the new, sprawling store was built, I was teaching cooking classes at Whole Foods Market. The space was small and extremely cramped. Participants were often spilling over into the dock. Those at the very back blocked the beer cooler. I mastered using my outside voice indoors and even that wasn't always enough. Somehow, we made it work.

Fast forward six years and so much has changed. The Salud! Cooking School is absolutely beautiful, with overhead monitors and all the latest technology, not to mention pots and pans galore and an over-abundance of utensils. The days of lugging in my own are long gone!

Enough of the trip down memory lane. If you're in the Mid-South and enjoy delicious food, lively conversation and cocktails that make you close your eyes and smile, then carve out a couple hours and join me. I promise to keep it fresh and easy.